Immunice's Customer Testimonials

Osborne (age 46) - Nyanza, Kenya

Hello, everyone. My name is Ernani, I live in Recife, Brazil. I am taking Ayurstate and Immunice for over a year with the approval of my doctor here in Brazil and the Dr Amit from India Herbs. I have a prostate hypertrophy (enlargement) and I was urinating with high frequency during the night, before Ayurstate, I was taking western medicine which was causing me many unwanted side effects, like insomnia, palpitations, and arrhythmia despite having giving a little relief on my night urination.

After I started my treatment with Ayurstate my urinary frequency have decreased, it has improved with no side effects and I am waiting on the minimization of my hypertrophy.

I also use Immunice, which has minimized the symptoms of my rhinitis and gave me more energy and fitness disposition. I am very satisfied with the results and I pretend to continue with my treatment. Thank you.

Ernani - Brazil

My name is Bob, and I have successfully used Immunice, Ayurstate and Kama Raja, and have found each product to be, as they said it was, to my satisfaction.

My cholesterol has been lowered significantly. My overall health has been tremendous, sexual health has improved dramatically, and this has been from taking the products for going on five months now.

And I look forward to using those products continually in the future. Thank you.

Robert (age 58) - Michigan, USA

It has been great talking to you on the phone a few times. I am actually quite happy with my Prostate Care supplement from India Herbs. But you must know that I was a firm skeptic and a disbeliever when it came to herbal or alternative medicine supplements. I just did not believe they can do the job. But apparently I was mistaken.

At India Herbs you have managed over the years with your accumulated experience and also drawing from immense tradition and history of Indian natural remedy and holistic medicine to create unique and very effectively potent products. I congratulate you for this.

I think that while the "classic medicine" has powerful effects, the side-effects and the drawbacks are quite heavy to consider. All along India Herbs products are balanced, natural and holistic. For example I used to take for a few months heavy and hard on my stomach antibiotics for my prostate condition - not much significant results other than stomach aches and over all discomfort.

Surfing the net for an alternative solution I stumbled upon your web site and decided to try this for once in my life - I order 4 boxes of AyurState Prostate Care and could not have been happier since. Your product actually worked and there were positive results within the first two weeks - the pain disappeared together with many symptoms associated with prostate infection. Thank you India Herbs. Keep up the great research work and your commitments to quality.

Marcelus (age 34) Cluj Napoca, Romania

I wanted to give you my testimony about what India Herbs have done for me. 

I have been using Cardiofy 7 months. I tried Cardiofy because the I was diagnosed with a total Cholesterol of 465 in October 2006 and the Cholesterol lowering drugs I was using made me feel nauseous and dizzy. When I had my Cholesterol check in last month it was down to 207.  Cardiofy lowered my Cholesterol by more then half of what it was.

I started using Joint Mender at about the same time. I have had joint pain all of my life that prevented me from walking very far.  I used to get teased as a child because the pain prevented me from participating in sports. Within a couple weeks after starting to take Joint Mender I was able to walk without pain and I am now up to walking 30 minutes pain free. This has helped me lose 25 pounds of excess body weight and I feel a lot better.

Finally I started using Immunice a couple months ago because I had frequent infections. I usually keep an upper respiratory infection throughout the entire winter. I also have been bothered with frequent urinary tract infections. These both have cleared up and are no longer a problem. In addition, my athlete's foot has cleared up completely. I like not having to go to the doctor every couple weeks.

Thank You for putting together some amazing products that have greatly improved the quality of my life.


First, I did order (and have started taking) the Immunice and Ayurtox formulas. I like them both. I feel one or both are making a difference already after about 4 days.

I am sleeping better and waking up a bit more refreshed.

Linda (age 55) - Pennsylvania, USA