Immunice's Powerful Ingredients

Immunice's potent formulation works continuously to support T-cell activation and anti-pathogen activity to bolster immune response. Key ingredients include extracts of:

Amla - Supports healthy immune system function.

Ashwagandha - Boosts immune system and enhances T-cell activation.

Holy Basil - Assists anti-pathogen activity, supports respiration, and possesses expectorant action to help treat respiratory tract infections.

Chebulic Myrobalan - Supports healthy immune system function.

Gotu Kola - Reinforces the immune-brain loop.

Guggul - Rejuvenates cells and tissues, supports toxin removal at the cellular level, aids in balancing the nervous system, and improving reproductive system.

Turmeric - Supplies antioxidants for blood purification.

Pepper - Bolsters natural anti-bacterial activity.

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